Comparison Of Arranged Marriage And Free Choice Marriage

Both are Good and Both are not BAD.

There are many benefits and disadvantages in both categories.

Advantages in Love Marriage:
* Keeps mutual knowledge amongst couple
* Helps to cowl or alter their weaknesses, that is difficult in case of arranged marriage.
* They will not blame or whinge to different as opposed to any dispute or disturbance takes place; nor they may enter-worry with any social dispute.
* The Bond of Love will be very strong.
* This creates a Bond among religion, caste and creed.

Disadvantages in Love Marriage
* As per the surveys and speed dating 價錢 statistics found Love Marriage lasts no longer
* Any one of the them (couple) have visible and found having some intention or trying which may not fulfill after marriage, what they thought.
* Love Marriages may be fruitful, however some how they has suffer loads from their parental, social, and cultural status and activities for a long term.
* In case of any destiny disputes or disturbances or any accidents reason with them; may be very hard level to get relief from their parents and own family members.
* Some time it also create riots, fights amongst religion, caste and creed.

Advantages of Arranged Marriage
* It allows to create a new relation and maintain our social admire in the society.
* Both the parties can be helpful for any accurate/awful causes; couples will no longer to be worry or to take danger over self.
* Father and Mother are our Omni Present God; its our responsibility to satisfy and make satisfied them via obeying their selections and selection.

Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage
* It creates many disturbances within the matter of Dowry and Financial Agreements that is happening in lots of part of global.
* Families need to sure and comply with the periodic, cultural policies and process; in any degree of their economic condition. Otherwise contrary birthday party will now not put off to reveal you the finger.
* If a few one will marry as per their parents choice and selection, then in case of any miss-understanding a number of the couple, may be very dangerous for both the parties and the couple.

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